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Using Data To Support Events

Using Data To Support Events

Technology and joint-team working allows us to gather data which assists us in predicting and reacting to problems. We have invested in and developed our own systems to gather data to help inform our decisions on patient treatment and safety as well as resource allocation and staffing. With our data, we effectively manage incidents, patients, staffing levels and costs.

You wouldn’t necessarily think that data was key to providing event medical services.

As with nearly everything in our lives, data drives a lot of what we do and at MedAid Services, we are using data to predict the volume and type of incidents we’re likely to see at your event so we can be sure we come fully prepared from the moment we arrive on site.

We use a variety of different data types to help us with our decision making, these include:

  • event type
  • music genre
  • is camping available
  • is alcohol being sold
  • expected number of participants
  • demographics
  • location
  • proximity to hospitals
  • time of year
  • weather conditions
  • likely injuries

All these data types can greatly change how we manage the medical provision at events, so by analysing these, we can be sure that we are providing the correct level of cover to meet legal obligations and provide the best care possible to event visitors.

During events, we’ll be constantly monitoring the weather conditions, attendance numbers, patient’s primary complaints and liaising with other teams such as Security to help ensure we’re not caught out with the unexpected. We are able to collate data from a variety of sources into a single system to support our Medical Commanders. By continuously monitoring what is happening, we can:

  • support patient flow by moving medical teams to where they are needed most
  • ensuring we have the right amount of skill sets in the right place
  • manage costs to both us and our clients

Using real-time data pulled together, we can take actions to ensure an even safer event for your visitors.

After each event, we hold a debrief session to review what we provided, what went well and what could be improved. We look at who, what and how many patients we treated, what the causes were and feed this into our systems.

This provides us with a unique dataset. We don’t just record this information and forget about it. It all feeds into our Business Intelligence (BI) system. When we start planning for future events, we can look back at data from similar events and see what we provided, what the weather conditions were, what were the main causes and treatments, meaning we can be even more prepared in the future.

Data isn’t just data, it’s transforming the way we work and helping us to provide the best care possible.


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