Our Fleet

Rapid Response Vehicle

Our RRV is overtly marked as an ambulance to ensure the vehicle is identifiable and stands out. The RRV is used for covering large distances quickly or as a focal point at small events where an Ambulance is not necessary.


Stretcher Capable 4×4 Ambulance

Our 4X4 Ambulance is ideal for those hard to reach places and off-road events. It contains a stretcher and similar equipment as to that is carried in a fully equipped ambulance.


Fully Equipped Ambulance

Our ambulance is equipped to the same standard as that of the NHS Emergency Ambulances.


Mobile Command Unit

Our Mobile Command Unit has been converted to our specific requirements and contains electricity, lighting, heating and computer networks and allows our incident commanders to easily manage large events. More information on our Command Unit here.


Medical Response Cycles

Our Medical Response Cycles which are fully overtly marked, can carry a large amount of equipment. These units are especially useful at events where vehicle access can be difficult or to provide that crucial response at large gatherings.


We also have a number of temporary structures (such as 3m x 3m Marquee/Tents) which can be deployed. These usually consist of at least one Stretcher/Bed along with the necessary equipment suitable for the event.