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Command and Control

Command and Control

Command and control is a key part in providing a safe medical service at large events.

Our Command and control services are available as part of our medical service or can be contracted out separately to support other medical providers.

We can provide a full command and control service including command unit for large events, or simply just a controller for those smaller events.


Full Command and Control Service

Our custom designed Medical Command Centre provides all the tools and resources needed by our event controllers and commanders. With a shared occupational space, it also provides a co-location facility with other services such as Event Control and Security.

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Command and Control Bolt-On Service

Our Command and Control Bolt-On Service is ideal for organisers who already have medical cover arranged, or for existing medical providers looking for Command and Control services at their event.

With our bolt-on service, we can seamlessly integrate with your existing provision to provide a joined up command and control service utilising our experience, skills, resources and equipment.


Notitia Portal

With our Notitia Portal, we can easily obtain event participant/attendee information which is then made available to command and medical teams. This includes mobile contact information (for mass public safety alerting) and patient medical information.

Dispatch/Incident Command

emControl, our in-house developed control, dispatch and incident command system can be used to manage incoming calls for help, welfare records, incident command and live reporting to help inform the decisions you make.

Mobile Data Terminals

Our MDT system can be implemented on any web-enabled device allowing easy tracking and tasking of resources at your event.


Using Data To Support Events

Technology and joint-team working allows us to gather data which assists us in predicting and reacting to problems. We have invested in and developed our own systems to gather data to help inform decisions on patient treatment and safety as well as resource allocation and staffing. With our data, we effectively manage events, incidents, patients, staffing levels and costs.

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On-demand Reporting

Power BI Business Intelligence

By using Microsoft Power BI, we are able to collate and provide up-to-the-minute information on calls, patients, response times, waiting times and more.



We can provide staffing including Commanders, Controllers/Dispatchers and Support Staff. We also work alongside any control staff you may already have. Use of our systems can be learnt in 30 minutes!


We don’t simply just provide a Medical Command service, we have invested a lot of time and resource in ensuring we are as prepared as possible.

Post Event

Once the event has completed, we will send you a copy of the raw data collected along with Control and Welfare reports.

Example Control Report
Example Welfare Report

Data Protection

Data Protection is always at the top of our list. We produce Contracts and Data Sharing Agreements for each event ensuring any sharing of data is legal and in compliance with best practices.


command integration

Passing a what3words address to our event medical control teams will allow us to quickly and accurately locate callers and send medical assistance without the need to rely on marshal point number, grid references or distance markers.

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Why Book Our Services?

  • Custom written Control, Incident and Welfare recording software
  • Custom designed event Triage Packs
  • Event Commander resources
  • Customised event Medical Dispatch Guide Cards
  • Proven processes to work with all organisations on-site


  • Post-event reports and data provided
  • Staffing including Commanders, Controllers and Support Staff
  • Full command centre, or reduced service for smaller events
  • Data Protection compliance
  • Work with and alongside your staff

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Happy to work alongside other medical providers to provide command and control services