‘Phenomenal’ robot surgery speeds up man’s recovery

A man who became one of the first people in the UK to undergo robotic heart surgery has said the treatment was “phenomenal”.

Owen Veldhuizen said he was “a bit anxious” before the operation at Liverpool Chest and Heart Hospital, which saw surgeons guide a robot to carry out the procedure.

The use of a robot meant Mr Veldhuizen’s recovery time was cut from eight weeks to three.

View video on the BBC News website.

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5 Responses

  1. iris2992 says:

    This approach has stepped-up the way people view surgeries. I bet, more people will lessen their hesitation to undergo heart surgery now since hospital stay will be lessened (about 48 hours!) and recovery will be more comfortable at home. Not to mention the pain that the patient would supposedly have to endure will be reduced.

  2. hibiscus says:

    The issue is many people are hesitant to trust machines with their well-being, especially in cases like surgery where things can go terribly wrong. The truth is that we are in the age of digital medicine. I think the way we see medical treatment will be completely altered in 10 years time. Its good to share these types of stories so that people will understand the digital role in medicine and trust it.

  3. hazel42704 says:

    It’s amazing how the world is becoming more and more innovative. With the usage of robots in aiding human activities, the success rate of doing things such as surgeries will be higher because of the precision and accuracy of the machine. I hope that the creation and invention of similar machines are made to contribute to the variety of aid robots can offer to people.

  4. Tatiana Stan says:

    I love hearing such great news, the world has evolved so much, the medicine is so advanced and I see people that 10 years ago wouldn’t have any chance, now being able to survive and beat the disease due to this phenomenal combination of IT and medical knowledge. I hope the things will continue to grow, it’s amazing what a group of very passionate scientists can do.

  5. MomoStarr16 says:

    Nowadays, robots were created to help people to hasten their works and jobs that needs physical strength. But helping out our doctors in their work to hasten the healing time of a patients are glad to hear. This article shows us that our world are really going to a robotic future where robots will do the work rather than people. Hope to be a positive one.

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