Paramedic trades ambulance for Ferrari in race with pro driver


Champion driver Sebastian Vettel pushes a UK ambulance to its limits.

A new promotional video by Shell features F1 world champion driver Sebastian Vettel competing on a race track against UK paramedic Alex Knapton.

The twist? It’s Vettel driving the ambulance while Knapton takes the wheel of a Ferrari sports car.

Getting the opportunity to swap the ambulance for the Ferrari 488 GTB was a dream come true,

Knapton said to Motoring Research.

Sebastian was on great form coaching on high performance driving tips and joking about the lack of a radio in the ambulance.

The drivers swapped tips and tricks about their vehicles before starting their race. Though the ambulance was far heavier and only capable of reaching 88 mph, Vettel managed to finish the course seven seconds faster than Knapton.

Paramedics play an essential role in motorsport around the world and not just in Formula 1. They need to perform to such high standards every day because lives depend on them,

Vettel said.


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