On Your Feet Britain

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Get Britain Standing have launched a campaign called On Your Feet Britain to encourage office workers to switch their sitting time to standing time.

Ahead of the launch of On Your Feet Britain, research found that office workers spend too much of their time at work sedentary. A poll of 2,000 office workers found that 45% of women and 37% of men spend less than 30 minutes of their day walking around at work and 62% feel that the amount of time spent sitting could negatively impact their health.

Sedentary behaviour is any waking behaviour that involves sitting or lying down and requires a very low energy expenditure, eg, sitting at a desk, watching television or sitting in a car/train. Spending a lot of time sedentary can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Recent research also suggests that the effect of a sedentary lifestyle can still be harmful even if you are physically active.

On Your Feet Britain are holding an event on 24th April which marks the first national day when workers across Britain are encouraged to take on the challenge to sit less and move more whilst raising money for the BHF. Offices across Britain are given creative license to find inventive ways of getting employees on their feet. Some ideas include:

  • organising a lunchtime walk or walk to work
  • sounding an alert at random times for everyone to stand up
  • making phone calls standing up
  • having one less chair than people at meetings

To register for the event please visit the On Your Feet Britain website.

For more information on sedentary behaviour please download the BHFNC sedentary behaviour evidence briefing.

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