Local Authority Approval no longer needed for Paediatric First Aid Training

As a result of a government review, childcare providers no longer have to use local authority approved training organisations. Providers must check that it covers the course content as defined in the new guidance for paediatric first aid training and be renewed every three years. It may be helpful to refer to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance about choosing a first aid training provider which can be found at www.hse.gov.uk.

MedAid Services are able to offer Paediatric First Aid and Paediatric Emergency First Aid courses.

Emergency first aid at work

In addition to Paediatric First Aid, employers should ensure they have adequately trained First Aiders for their workforce. Where a risk assessment has identified that that an appointed person will be sufficient, MedAid Services are able to offer a combined course which covers both Paediatric First Aid and Emergency First Aid at Work.

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