Haunting video of Syrian boy in ambulance goes viral

Video footage shows the boy and his siblings being rescued from the rubble

DOHA, Qatar — Images of a five year old Syrian boy – covered in dust and blood after being plucked from a bombed-out building – have gone viral after they were posted to social media, provoking widespread outrage and upset.

The footage, released by opposition activists on Wednesday, showed the aftermath of an air strike in the city of Aleppo and encapsulated the human toll of Syria’s five-year war.

The video, posted online by the Aleppo Media Center, shows a stunned and weary-looking boy, sitting alone and bewildered on an orange chair inside an ambulance shortly after he was rescued.

Khaled Khaled, an Aleppo-based member of the Syrian Civil Defence, a volunteer rescue group that operates in rebel-held territory, identified the boy as five-year-old Omran Daqneesh.

The boy was later rushed by members of the group, also known as the White Helmets, to a nearby hospital, Khaled told Al Jazeera.

He suffered from light head wounds and was released later that night.

Three other people were killed and at least eight others, mostly women and children, were injured in the same air strike, according to Khaled.

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