Are Your First Aid Kits Up to Date?

  • How often do you check your kits to ensure they are fully stocked and compliant?
  • Do you know what contents you need in your first aid kits under the new legisation which came into force on 1 October 2013?
  • What use is a first aid kit if it’s empty?

Did you know that 45% of businesses fail to keep their first aid boxes checked and stocked to the required level?

Over the last 14 years the first aid industry has complied with the guidelines as set out in the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations Approved Code of Practice 1997. This document outlined a range of advice to employers for the provision of first aid within the workplace.

Over the past decade the requirement of the contents of a first aid kit has evolved and this has been recognised by the British Healthcare Trade Association who has worked, analysed and developed a solution that is fit for purpose in today’s workplace environment

The New BS8599-1 Compliant First Aid Kit meets customer demand, and so much more

BS8599-1 Compliant Kits have been designed to be more user friendly in a way that makes the contents instantly visible and more secure, this in turn has helped to improve and simplify selection for employers and specifiers to meet their legal and moral obligations.

What Needs to be in a BS8599-1 Compliant First Aid Kit?

As can be seen from the table of contents below, the new BS-8599-1 Compliant Workplace First Aid Kit content is significantly more comprehensive than the old kit content:


BSI First Aid Kit Contents Lists

What Size Kit Do I Require?

Employers are required to make a risk assessment to decide what the hazard levels are and how many employees are involved in the area to be covered.

The guide below will help match your risk assessment to an appropriate size kit:

BSI Kit Sizes

BSI Kit Sizes

How MedAid Services can Help

Do you just want to get on and run your business? Then we can help. If you know what type of First Aid Kit you require, why not visit our online store and buy one? Purchase Order are accepted, but please contact us first to set up an account.

Not sure on how to write a risk assessment or what you need to do? We can help you by writing First Aid Needs and Risk Assessments, advising on the level of training you require and advising on the type and number of first aid kits. Visit our Consultancy page for more information.

So, you’ve got your first aid kits and written your risk assessment. Who is going to be responsible for checking all your first aid kits regularly and ensuring they are full stocked and all consumables are in date? Our First Aid Kits Checking Service provides regular professional servicing to ensure that your kits are always complete, convenience in the event of an accident or workplace emergency and a certificate of service provided at each visit.

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