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2Sep 2019

Free First Aid Training – Oswestry Thursday 19th September

We will be providing some free first aid training at Unit 3 Market Gate, Oswestry on Thursday 19th September 2019 at 7:00PM and lasts for approximately and hour and a half.

Our Flat Stan CPR Manikins will be available meaning young children can also get involved in training.

Why not pop along and learn how to save a life and use an AED.

If you have any questions prior to attending, please do not hesitate to contact us.


12Jun 2018

Free Defibrillator / AED Training at Llanymynech Village Hall

We will be providing some free defibrillator (AED) training at Llanymynech Village Hall on Thursday 14th June 2018 at 7:30PM and lasts for approximately and hour and a half.

Our Flat Stan CPR Manikins will be available meaning young children can also get involved in training.

Why not pop along and learn how to save a life and use an AED.

If you have any questions prior to attending, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Address: Llanymynech Village Hall, Station Road, Llanymynech, SY22 6EE

More Information: https://medaid.co/2HIvDrL

13Mar 2018

Defibrillator / AED Training in Pant, Oswestry

We will be providing some free defibrillator (AED) training in Pant after the Annual Village Meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 26th April 2018 at 7:30PM at Pant Memorial Institute.

Our Flat Stan CPR Manikins will be available meaning young children can also get involved in training.

Why not pop along and learn how to save a life and use an AED.

If you have any questions prior to attending, please do not hesitate to contact us.

13Mar 2017

Adverse Event Support – First Test

Here at MedAid Services, our team is made up from people from a wide range of different backgrounds including medical, government, management and IT.

Over the past 12 months we have heavily invested in our IT moving to a paper-free environment in our offices and providing IT solutions to support our clients in engaging with our services.

With all this experience within our organisation, we thought we could do more, and so have set up our Adverse Event Support team. This team will use their skills and experience to support our community in time of adverse events by researching, investigating and co-ordinating information into a single place for all to access. By using this, along with our technology, we can provide a single repository of collated information to give a wider picture to government departments, enforcement agencies and local communities.

With the arrival of Storm Doris on 23 February 2017, we decided to use this as a learning exercise. Our team used local information, news sources, eye-witnesses and the Internet to gather information of fallen trees, unstable structures, blocked roads and road traffic accidents as a result of the high winds. This information was collated into a single repository and plotted onto a map. Where we had additional trusted information, we were able to verify some of the reports we found.

The information we collated can be found on our crowdmap at http://crowdmap.medaidservices.net/2017doris.

We learnt a lot from this exercise and will soon be working on some of the lessons learnt:

  • An efficient system to allow team members to communicate effectively and quickly
  • Single repository for storing documents related to the ongoing incident
  • Polices and procedure explaining what can/can’t be done with information collated
  • Requirements checklist for verifying reports
  • Changes to our crowdmap/data collection software to allow efficient data recording, analysis and publishing

Once we have ironed out the above, we’ll be running another training exercise so we can be sure we’ll be ready for the next adverse event.

If you would be interested in joining our volunteer Adverse Event Support team, please drop us an email at community@medaidservices.co.uk.

21Feb 2017

Walk, Fundraise, Learn CPR, Save a Life!

MedAid Services are proud to be supporting the Llanymynech and Pant Parish Council with their fundraising for community defibrillators and this Sunday (26 February) we’ll be at the Llanymynech Heritage Area.

Come and enjoy a spring stroll around the stunning Llanymynech Heritage Area and Woodland and also learn some CPR and undertand how a defibrillator works.

Walk at anytime between 11AM and 1PM, but register at the Stable Block before you start.

The community of Llanymynech and Pant is currently fund raising to provide three public access defibrillators at sites in the village – The Cross Guns, Pant, Llanymynech Village Hall and Pant Memorial Hall.

Fund raising has already started, applications are being made for grants, and fund raising events are planned, such as pub quizzes, travel slide show and a fund raising walk of the Heritage Area. Local businesses are being asked for support as well. The total needed will be £ 4377, so any donations will be welcome. Donations can be made to Llanymynech and Pant Parish Council who are holding the Fund.

23Oct 2016

Vote To Help Secure Funding for Free CPR Training

Our corporate charity, The MedAid Services Community Initiative, has been selected for the Aviva Community Fund to help continue to provide free CPR training to our local community.

The Aviva Community Fund allows you to vote to win the chance to secure funding for an important cause in the community.

Open to everyone – Aviva customers, employees, insurance brokers or financial advisers (whether associated with Aviva or not) and the general public – you can apply to vote and support the good causes listed.

Each person voting on the Aviva website has ten votes in total. Votes can be allocated to one project or across a number of projects.

Our corporate charity, The MedAid Services Community Initiative, has been selected for the Aviva Community Fund. Please vote for us so we can continue to provide free CPR training to our local community.

You can vote by visiting the following URL: http://medaid.co/2eIaYY4

9Sep 2016

Villagers get to the heart of first aid

Villagers met at Pant Memorial Hall on Tuesday 6th September to take part in an Emergency Life Saving Skills course.

Run by the MedAid Services Community Initiative,  this free course was organised to provide local people with basic first aid skills which can be used to increase survival rates in an emergency situation.

Speaking at the event, Aden Walker from the MedAid Services Community Initiative said:

Basic skills in CPR and first aid is especially important in rural areas as an ambulance or other help could be many minutes away. That’s why we offer this community training.

During the course, participants learnt about emergency life support including dealing with unconscious and conscious casualties and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) which is designed to increase the chances of survival for an unconscious patient. CPR is a combination of techniques, including chest compressions, designed to pump the heart to get blood circulating and deliver oxygen to the brain until definitive treatment can stimulate the heart to start working again. This can increase the chance of survival as, as soon as someone stops breathing, their body stops getting the oxygen it needs to keep organs alive.

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests

Approximately 80% of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCAs) occur at home and 20% in public places. Only about 20% of these are in a ‘shockable rhythm’ (i.e. treatable by a defibrillator) by the time an ambulance arrives. Survival is much more likely when a shockable rhythm is present. The proportion of people in a shockable rhythm could be increased if more cardiac arrest victims received immediate and effective CPR from bystanders.

Therefore more immediate 999 calls and immediate effective CPR given by bystanders could increase the number of people who are given a chance of surviving.

Currently CPR is attempted in only 20% to 30% of cases following an out of hospital cardiac arrest. However, evidence suggests that where CPR is attempted, survival rates could be doubled.

Participants on the course also learnt about the role of publicly available defibrillators. These automated devices are used to shock a heart and bring it back into rhythm and are increasingly found in secure locations such as shops, village halls and sports facilities.

Llanymynech and Pant Parish Council are looking to site two of these devices within the Parish as a benefit to the community and visitors to it. Fundraising to provide the money for their purchase and installation has already started and more information will be available soon.

If you would like to help MedAid Services Community Initiative offer more training sessions to the community, why not consider donating to them at http://www.mascommunityinitiative.org.uk/donate.

Source: http://pant.today/villagers-get-to-the-heart-of-first-aid/

20Jun 2016

Press Release 20/06/2016

IAP32981When MedAid Services was started in 2011 we didn’t want to be just another first aid provider, we wanted to do things differently. We started out small and grew as the company developed. We’re not the biggest medical service provider, and we don’t want to be but we are passionate about helping people and simply want to provide the highest quality service and care to our customers and patients.

When our Operations Director founded MedAid Services, he had a very clear vision of what he wanted the company to accomplish. He wanted the company to be known for its honesty, integrity and perseverance.

  • Be trustworthy and honest in all we do.
  • Ensure that our patient’s safety and medical care is our first concern.
  • Ensure that all individuals who have cause to interact with MedAid Services will be treated in a respectful, professional and fair manner.
  • Ensure the highest quality possible in all of the services we deliver.

But it’s not just our customers and patients we want to help, we want to support our local communities too. Our “Social Good” programme has allowed us to do this by

  • providing discounted first aid cover to local charities and fundraising events, helping more money to be raised for good causes.
  • providing reduced first aid training courses to local organisations and small businesses.

To further enhance this, we have setup a new charity called the MedAid Services Community Initiative. The Community Initiative has been established to act as a health promotion charity with the mission to provide free education and basic first aid training to local communities, commission new community public access defibrillators and provide support to local groups wanting to fundraise for their own defibrillator.

Not everything will be delivered through our charity, hence why our Social Good programme operates within our charity and core business.

We will soon be launching our DefibTrac system. A free online system allowing responder and community groups to manage their Community Public Access Defibrillators. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more information.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

MedAid Services Ltd – www.medaidservices.co.uk
MedAid Services Community Initiative – www.mascommunityinitiative.org.uk
DefibTrac – www.defibtrac.co.uk

22Dec 2015

New Community Initiative

The MedAid Services Community Initiative is the new name for the MedAid Services Community Outreach Programme.

The Community Initiative has been set up as a charitable organisation to better meet the needs of the organisation and local community. All funds and activities undertaken by the Community Outreach Programme have been transferred over to the Community Initiative.

Further information will be published here as we further develop the Community Initiative on our new journey.

For further information or to contact the The MedAid Services Community Initiative, please email community@medaidservices.co.uk.

18Jan 2015

Supporting our Local Community

As you may know, MedAid Services is a small business based in Oswestry, Shropshire and one of the things we like best is the amount of effort that goes in to promoting independent, local businesses and the support that is given by the local community.

With the invent of the Internet and the fact that lots of businesses are moving their operations on-line, we have seen shops and businesses close in towns all over the UK. The last time I looked, the figure was 18 shops closing per day.

While we offer a nationwide service, it’s safe to say a lot of our business is local with the majority of events and training courses being covered in Shropshire and North Wales. To everyone who has used our services (either event medical cover or first aid training) we want to say thank you for keeping your business local.

Now, we could just keep taking your money and business and continue to provide our excellent service, however that isn’t the ethos at MedAid Services – we don’t just take, take, take. With the nature of the work we do, we save lives – and that is fact. And if I’m totally honest, we want to do all we can to save more. We do this through our Community Outreach Programme.

We are dedicated to being actively involved in our community outreach and education. We have staff who live all over Shropshire, so don’t just think it means our home town of Oswestry – our community is Shropshire!

Our Community Outreach Programme has been put together to run programmes which benefit our local community and include:

  • Free basic first aid training to residents
  • Subsidised medical event cover for charitable and fundraising events
  • Subsidised workplace first aid training for small businesses

With the skills learned in our classes, citizens will be able to recognise when someone is in cardiac distress, enabling them to intervene by administering CPR and/or using an AED while an Ambulance is on route.  Studies have shown that early intervention by citizens trained in both CPR and AED techniques greatly increases the chances of survival for a victim of a heart attack, drowning, or other traumatic injury.

All training courses provided throughout our Community Outreach Programme are free and all other services receive a generous discount. If you would like us to attend your community centre, village hall or school or would like to support us in delivering our Outreach Programme, please contact us.