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Important Information for all Contractor Applicants

Important Information for all Contractor Applicants

Work is supplied on an ad-hoc basis with a first come first served approach, no minimum hours are agreed and you are termed to be a self-employed sub-contractor.

MedAid Services Ltd use self-employed sub-contractors. You are responsible for informing HMRC that you are self-employed and are responsible for all your own tax and national insurance contributions as necessary.

Full medical, public and employee liability insurance is provided by ourselves providing sub-contractors agree to our Subcontractor Agreement, policies and procedures.

For event medical positions, you are responsible for supplying a fully stocked, basic first aid kit to be used when working. You will also need to have your own uniform which is in line with HMRC guidelines for self-employed individuals. Further details on our uniform requirements can be found below.

All other specialist equipment such as AED, medical gasses, vehicles etc will be supplied by us.

MedAid Services Ltd, are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.


Uniform Requirements

Contractors are required to meet our uniform standards. This is detailed within our Uniform Policy. Contractors are required to provide their own uniform as below in line with HMRC guidelines for self-employed individuals:

  • Green polo shirt or ambulance style shirt
  • Green trousers
  • Black boots
  • Hi-vis Jacket (hi-vis waistcoats can be provided at the start of an event)

Optional clothing may be worn as below:

  • Plain black waterproof over trousers (for sporting events in muddy/wet terrain)
  • Plain green beanie hat
  • Plain black waterproof gloves
  • Plain green fleece jacket
  • Plain green soft shell jacket