As an organisation providing healthcare services, we understand the importance of compliance within our sector and are dedicated to safeguarding the safety of our patients, clients, contractors and employees alike.

Governance and patient safety are at the heart of our operations and the forefront of everything we do.

Before a contractor is accepted for work, we carry out a number of checks to ensure they are appropriately qualified for any role they wish to work.

Application Stage

Once a contractor has expressed an interest in working with us, we will send out an application pack. This includes the following documentation:

  • Contractor Registration Form
  • Driving Licence Validation Form (for applicants who wish to drive our vehicles)
  • Contractor Agreement (2 copies)
  • Contractor Handbook

Upon application, contractors are required to provide evidence of:

  • HMRC tax registration (UTR for self-employed and partnerships, company number for incorporated companies)
  • Copy of latest DBS check (paper copies and online DBS service accepted)
  • Copy of identity documents
  • Copy of photocard driving licence (if applicable)
  • Passport style colour photograph
  • Copy of training certificates relevant to role applying for

Successful Application

Once a completed Subcontractor Registration Form and signed Subcontractor Agreement has been received and evidence as listed above has been verified, we will provide the contractor with user access to our online Contractor Portal (for access to news, updates, policies and procedures) and our online Contractor Training Portal for online e-learning.

The contractor will be required to complete an Induction Programme prior to starting any work. This consists of online mandatory training which can be completed through our Contractor Training Portal. If contractors have completed this training in the past 12 months with another provider, and can provide evidence of such, then there is no need to undertake that specific course. Online mandatory training currently consists of:

  • Data Protection Awareness
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Fire Awareness
  • Infection Prevention Control Awareness
  • JESIP Awareness
  • Mental Capacity Act 2005 Awareness
  • Moving and Handling People Awareness
  • Prevent
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Health & Safety
  • Understanding Dementia

Contractors will also be required to complete classroom training for the following:

  • Basic Life Support

Our induction programme also caters for familiarisation training as The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 stipulates that everyone using and coming into contact with machinery and equipment, must receive adequate training in their use. We have familiarisation training in place for the equipment and vehicles in use at MedAid Services, including:

  • Zoll Defibrillators
  • AEDs
  • SSCOR Suction Unit
  • Scoop
  • Carry Chair
  • Stretchers
  • Gas Equipment
  • Emergency Ambulance
  • 4X4 Ambulance
  • Cycle Response

Where a contractor would like to drive our vehicles, contractors must complete both non-emergency and emergency driving assessments first. Driving assessments do not have to be completed, prior to starting work with MedAid Services.

Induction Completion

On successful completion of our Induction Programme, contractors will receive a Contractor ID Badge and be eligible to apply and work for shifts on offer.