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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

  •   Community Engagement
  •   Community Initiative
  •   Health, Safety and Environment

While MedAid Services continues to grow, so too has our awareness of the opportunity and responsibility we have to positively contribute to our community. Our team is positively engaged in the community throughout the year in activities that benefit the wellbeing of our local communities and colleagues and are encouraged to play an active role in their communities.

The MedAid Services Community Initiative has been established to act as a health promotion charity. The Charity’s mission is to provide free education and basic first aid training to local communities, commission new community public access defibrillators and provide support to local groups wanting to fundraise for their own defibrillator.

MedAid Services is fully committed to the management of its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) corporate responsibilities at every level of the organisation. HSE management is a key component of of the organisation, ensuring that we will provide safe workplaces and safe work practices for all employees, clients, contractors and visitors to our various work sites.