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Terms & Conditions

AED Spotter Network Terms and Conditions

AED Spotter Network Data Usage Policy

The AED Spotter Network is a partnership between MedAid Services Ltd and The MedAid Services Community Initiative (a registered charity). It is a new initiative dedicated to bringing like-minded people together to hunt-out, find and record public access defibrillators (AED’s) across the UK.

Our mission is to collect and display accurate AED location data. The data gathered by volunteer spotters through the AED Spotter Network is freely available to governments, academic institutions and the private sector as well as participants and the general public for the purposes of promoting learning, awareness and protecting life.

The AED Spotter Network data is made available to the public via the web site (www.medaidservices.co.uk). In addition, we ask that everyone who uses AED Spotter Network data to please acknowledge its source when displaying it. Unless otherwise noted, all AED Spotter Network content and data are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

Disclaimer: The data are provided “as is”, and in no event shall the providers be liable for any damage or loss due to missing data or misinterpretation of its content.


AED Spotter Network Privacy Policy

The AED Spotter Network admin staff retains a master list of all Spotters. As a policy, the names and addresses of spotter volunteers are not shared or made public for any reason, with the following one exception.  Local volunteer coordinators may be provided with access to the participant contact list, for their area, on an as-needed basis, but this will only be shared with your permission. This list sharing is solely for the purpose of management and operations of the AED Spotter network and not for private or commercial use.