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March 2018

28Mar 2018

Guidelines for Resuscitation: 2017 Update

In recent years, the scale and pace of new clinical trials and observational studies in resuscitation science has grown rapidly. This prompted ILCOR to review its approach to evidence synthesis and to transition from a 5-yearly CoSTR to more regular updates. The first update was published in November 2017.

The ERC will maintain a five-yearly cycle for routine updates to its guidelines. Compelling data which challenge the current guidelines will be identified for high priority implementation.

CoSTR 2017 focuses on the relationship between chest compression and ventilation during CPR.

Read the new guidelines here

16Mar 2018

‘REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE’ message released by NARU

Paramedics may have seen the recent release of refreshed Initial Operational Response (IOR) messaging about exposure to hazardous substances.

This refreshed guidance is called ‘REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE’, and it is designed to support Trust control rooms, planners and first responders on early self-help actions for suspected deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous substance (vapour, powder or liquid) or ‘acid attacks’.

A NARU spokesman, Graham Finnigan said:

The ‘Remove, Remove, Remove’ messaging is a refresh of pre-existing teaching materials designed to instruct front line emergency services personnel how to treat a suspected exposure to a hazardous substance. This can include a deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous vapour, powder or liquid, such as an ‘acid attack’.

These materials have been redesigned to make core elements quicker and easier to absorb, remember and apply, allowing first responders to significantly reduce harm to affected casualties in the unlikely event of exposure.

You can view the Poster here and the Aide Memoire here.

13Mar 2018

Defibrillator / AED Training in Pant, Oswestry

We will be providing some free defibrillator (AED) training in Pant after the Annual Village Meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 26th April 2018 at 7:30PM at Pant Memorial Institute.

Our Flat Stan CPR Manikins will be available meaning young children can also get involved in training.

Why not pop along and learn how to save a life and use an AED.

If you have any questions prior to attending, please do not hesitate to contact us.

13Mar 2018

Chinese takeaway can bust your salt allowance

Suzette – www.suzette.nu

Chinese takeaway meals from restaurants and supermarkets should carry health warnings because they are often high in salt, a campaign group says.

Action on Salt analysed more than 150 dishes and found some contained half an adult’s recommended 6g (0.2oz) daily allowance of salt.

Main courses, such as beef in black bean sauce, topped the salty list.

But adding a serving of egg fried rice to your order could deliver anything between an extra 5.3g and 2.3g of salt.

While adding side dishes and dipping sauces to your meal could provide nearly another 4g salt per person, the findings reveal.

Few of the takeaway restaurant dishes came in at under 2g of salt.

Prawn crackers and vegetable spring rolls ranged from 0.8g to 1.4g of salt per portion.

Supermarket-bought Chinese meals varied widely in salt content.

Spare ribs and crispy aromatic duck were towards the bottom of the list, while saucy rice or noodle-based dishes were higher up.

Unsurprisingly, soy sauce, which tastes salty, contains more salt than some other dipping sauces, but sweet ones, such as chilli sauce or plum sauce, may also contain lots.

Checking the nutritional values on food packaging can help you check how much salt you will be eating.

Full story: BBC News

1Mar 2018

Sipping acidic fruit teas can wear away teeth, says study

Sipping acidic drinks such as fruit teas and flavoured water can wear away teeth and damage the enamel, an investigation by scientists has shown.

The King’s College London team found that drinking them between meals and savouring them for too long increased the risk of tooth erosion from acid.

The research, in the British Dental Journal, looked at the diets of 300 people with severe erosive tooth wear.

It said the problem was increasing as people snacked more.

Fruit squashes, cordials, fruit teas, diet drinks, sugared drinks and flavoured water are all acidic and can cause wear and tear to teeth, the researchers said.

And continuously sipping or holding these drinks in the mouth before swallowing increased the risk of tooth erosion.

Dr Saoirse O’Toole, the lead study author, from King’s College London Dental Institute, said:

If you drink things for long periods of time, greater than five minutes, or if you play with things in your mouth or if you nibble on fruit over a few minutes rather than eating them as a whole fruit – these are things that can really damage your teeth.

If you’re going to have an apple as a snack at lunchtime, then try not to have anything acidic later on in the evening.

If you are going to have a glass of wine in the evening, then don’t have your fruit tea in the morning.

Just balance things in your diet.

The researchers found people who had drinks such as water with a slice of lemon or hot fruit-flavoured teas twice a day between meals were more than 11 times more likely to have moderate or severe tooth erosion.

But this figure was halved when the drinks were taken with meals.

Sugar-free soft drinks were as erosive as sugar-sweetened ones, the report said. And vinegars and pickled products could also lead to tooth erosion.

Read full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-43141587

1Mar 2018

Stay Well Pharmacy Campaign


‘Stay Well Pharmacy’ is a new campaign from NHS England which encourages people, especially parents and carers of children under the age of 5, to visit their local pharmacy team first for minor health concerns such as sore throats, coughs, colds, tummy troubles, teething and aches and pains.

Community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are qualified healthcare professionals, and are the right people to see if you need clinical advice, reassurance, over the counter medicines and even a private consultation room, should it be requested, to help safely manage a range of minor health concerns. The campaign reminds people that local pharmacy teams offer fast and convenient clinical support with no appointment needed.

Search nhs.uk/staywellpharmacy for more information.