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Vote To Secure Funding for Local Causes

The Aviva Community Fund allows you to vote to win the chance to secure funding for an important cause in the community.

Open to everyone – Aviva customers, employees, insurance brokers or financial advisers (whether associated with Aviva or not) and the general public – you can apply to vote and support the good causes listed.

Each person voting on the Aviva website has ten votes in total. Votes can be allocated to one project or across a number of projects. Local projects within the Oswestry area are also hoping to win your support:

How to vote

  1. Visit https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/cms and click not yet registered/log in
  2. Register your name and email address
  3. Wait for an email confirmation and activate your account
  4. Log into the website
  5. Search for a project (by name or location)
  6. Select how many votes you want to give (you have ten in total)
  7. Click Submit Vote